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    Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

    Post  Kieran Mayhew on Fri Apr 30, 2010 8:54 am

    Scoot 4 Life forum guidelines

    1. Flaming/Negativity: Creating a post for the sole purpose of flaming someone or belittling them is not allowed. We don't involve our business in your personal disputes... please extend that same courtesy to us, and be thoughtful of other posters in this forum.

    2. Inappropriate Content: Pornographic/sexist/racist images and video content are prohibited on all forums. Anyone posting such content will have their account privileges revoked. This includes links/reference to porn sites or porn images, or use of any pornographic/sexist/racist content in a personal avatar, including .gif images.

    3. Forum Abuse: Bump posts, scrolling (posting many threads in a short period of time), and hyper-posting are not allowed on our boards, and will result in a suspension of your account privileges.

    4. Profanity (Thread Titles): Profanity should be kept out of all thread titles. It's fine within the content of a post, as long as it's not a flame or personal attack against a fellow member.

    5. Moderation/Administrative Issues: Forums are monitored by a group Forum Moderators. Questions/Suggestions/Complaints regarding forum moderation and administration should be kept off the boards completely. You can send feedback by using the "Report Abuse" feature. Posting about these issues will likely result in a lengthy suspension of your account privileges. Such posts include (but are not limited to) discussion of deleted posts, thread placements (moved to another forum), banned members, site policy, and forum policy. FORUM MODERATION POLICIES ARE NOT UP FOR PUBLIC DEBATE.

    6. Posting of Private Messages: PMs should remain private. Posting them on the boards may result in a ban of your account privileges (especially if it is posted in an attempt to flame or belittle someone).

    7. Forum Wars: Flaming of competing, scooter related forums will not be tolerated on these boards. We require the posters on this site to be respectful of other forums. Having a positive or negative opinion if fine... outright flaming is not. Posts that aim to "compare" sites will also be deleted.

    8. Trolling: If your posts are generally negative, hateful, rude, and confrontational, then you are a troll. Trolls are banned.

    9. Goodbye Posts/Threads: "Goodbye" threads and posts will be deleted. There's no need to tip your hat on the way out.

    10. Solicitation/Spam: Unauthorized advertising on our site will result in a permanent ban of your posting privileges. This includes using our site traffic to pedal your wares, and telling people to contact you via Private Message, email, or URL.

    *NOTE* The definition of "unauthorized advertising" is broad. Please check with our Admin Team before posting something that is even remotely questionable.

    11. Begging/Money Transfer Requests: We do not allow money transfer requests on our boards. Any such threads/posts will be deleted and account privileges will be disabled. Using PMs to beg is also prohibited.

    12. Site Responsibility: Scoot4Life is NOT responsible for any monetary agreements that are posted on our boards. Site-to-site transfers are done AT YOUR OWN RISK. We do not have the means to monitor or verify which users can and can't be trusted.

    13. Manipulating post count: Members who consistently manipulate their post count through worthless or non-text content will be banned. Likewise, content that has no point except to encourage others to bump their own post count will be deleted (i.e. Counting to Million threads, etc.).

    14. (The number 13 is apparently unlucky, so we stuck 14 here to avoid any bad luck!)

    * Report Abuse: Members are encouraged to use the "Report Abuse" option for posts that break forum rules. These messages go directly to our Moderation Team.

    Enjoy the forums, keep it friendly!

    The Scoot 4 Life team

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